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Fashion Design Systems

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About this Course

The fashion business has grown from the storied Parisian houses of the early 20th century into a global phenomenon. It is highly complex, multi-faceted, and undergoing reinvention. In this course, you will learn about long-standing factors that impact the existing fashion system such as consumption, inclusion, and labor. You’ll explore the “slow fashion” movement, look at holistic and human-centric product development strategies, and build a brand story with core values at its heart. Finally, you’ll consider sustainability and environmental responsibility throughout the fashion design and production processes. *Like this course? Become an expert by joining the Professional Certificate in Fashion Design. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN *How to integrate systems thinking to advance fashion business models *Ability to articulate the predominant design techniques within the fashion system *How to develop a holistic product lifecycle *Ways to engage in community outreach, media relations, and brand partnerships to better serve underrepresented customer groups OFFERED BY *Parsons School of Design, The New School For more than a century, the Parsons School of Design has been inspired by the transformative potential of design. VERIFIABLE CERTIFICATE Earn a certificate upon completion. 100% ONLINE COURSE Start instantly and learn at your own pace. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE Set and maintain flexible deadlines. COURSE LEVEL Beginner LANGUAGE English

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