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Introduction to Data Engineering

  • 24Weeks
  • 105Steps
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About this Course

This Professional Certificate is for anyone who wants to develop job-ready skills, tools, and a portfolio for an entry-level data engineer position. Throughout the self-paced online courses, you will immerse yourself in the role of a data engineer and acquire the essential skills you need to work with a range of tools and databases to design, deploy, and manage structured and unstructured data. This program is ACE® recommended—when you complete it, you can earn up to 12 college credits. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN *Create, design, and manage relational databases and apply database administration (DBA) concepts to RDBMSes such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and IBM Db2. *Implement ETL & Data Pipelines with Bash, Airflow & Kafka; architect, populate, deploy Data Warehouses; create BI reports & interactive dashboards.​ SKILLS YOU WILL GAIN *Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) *ETL & Data Pipelines *NoSQL and Big Data *Apache Spark *SQL *Data Science *Database (DBMS) *NoSQL *Python Programming *Data Analysis *Pandas *Nump INSTRUCTOR *Rav Ahuja, Global Program Director IBM Skills Network *Priya Kapoor, Senior Instructional Designer & Content Developer Skill-up Technologies OFFERED BY *IBM Skills Network VERIFIABLE CERTIFICATE Earn a certificate upon completion. 100% ONLINE COURSE Start instantly and learn at your own pace. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE Set and maintain flexible deadlines. COURSE LEVEL Beginner LANGUAGE English

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