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How to contact Edcent

How to contact Edcent

Before contacting us, try searching for your issue using the search bar above or reviewing our most popular guides for a quick resolution:


Chat with us on Whatsapp for faster response with one of our support staff. The chat is secured and in line with Edcent's privacy policy.

Web Chat

If we have agents available and you’re logged in to the help center, you’ll see the option to start a chat in the bottom-right corner of this page. Click Start Chat to begin chatting.


If you don’t see the chat pop-up window or you prefer to communicate via email, fill out our contact form.


Have questions about Edcent?

Explore your career aspirations with one of our dedicated Edcent Application Specialists during a convenient 10-minute consultation call. Let's find the perfect program for you together. Just select a time that suits you, and we'll reach out. It could be the most impactful decision you'll ever make.

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