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Understand the Ekohub Navigation Bar

The Ekohub navigation bar is a simplified menu of tabs at the top of your Ekohub homepage that helps you quickly and easily locate features that you’re looking for.


Below is a list of items and how you can find them:

My Followers

  • Access your followers, invitations, and view people you may know.

  • Discover online events that you can attend.

The number on Followers buttoen shows how many followers you have while the number on your Following icon indicates how many people you follow.


  • Access your messages.

  • A number on the icon indicates that you have unread messages.

  • Learn more about searching for sent and received messages.



  • Vew updates about you, such as when someone reacts to or comments on your posts, tags you or shares your post.

  • View updates about your followers, such new course release, new students, work, birthdays, and more.

  • A number on the icon indicates new notifications since your last visit.



  • View or edit your profile.

  • Manage your account settings.

  • Access the Help Center, and more.


  • Open Learning - Find courses or see what courses are trending in the Open Learning and who is teaching. You can also see paid masterclasses for intensive courses.


  • Make posts - Share ideas, about your business, yourself, etc

  • Ask questions: You can ask and answer questions on the forums. 

  • You can vote answers given to your questions as Best Answer, and when you give great answers to questions, people can vote your answer as Best Answer. The number of best answers give to your answers will show on your profile.


Create a Ekohub Page

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