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11 New Courses and Certificates Launching on Edcent

There are always new topics to explore, new skills to acquire, and new ways to land the best positions, start the dream business, and be among the industry bests, with more firms looking for skills and professionals worldwide and more world-class content emerging every week.

From digital marketing and psychology to computer science and AI product management, these new courses, disciplines, and Professional Certificate programmes cover it all. What are you going to learn next?

Explore our new additions picked for you below;

  1. Augmented Reality and ARCore - By Google AR & VR

  2. Leadership and Service Management - By Copenhagen Business School

  3. Diploma in Industrial Biotechnology - By University of Manchester

  4. Agile Project Management with Atlassian Jira - By Atlassian

  5. Diploma in Cyber Security - By University of Maryland

  6. Spatial Data Science Professional Certificate

  7. Diploma in Corporate Strategy - University of London

  8. Full Web Development (CSS, HTML, and Javascript) - Johns Hopkins University

  9. English for Communication and Academic Study

  10. Content Marketing Strategy - By University of California

  11. Advanced Python Programming

Whether you're just starting out in your profession or looking to improve your abilities to make a mid-career change, these new offers will provide you with plenty of opportunities to learn new things. You can choose from a variety of learning experiences to find the courses and programmes that are perfect for you, depending on your life and professional goals.

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