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3 new ways to stay connected while learning on Edcent

Our developers recently in collaboration with our Student Support Desk finished the development of Edcent community, a list of channels designed to help students stay connected with us and with each other while studying on our dashboard.

We know switching from your course dashboard to other apps to ask questions or chat with other students may bring you distractions, so we have created these channels to help you focus and get help while studying.

1. Edcent Chat box

This is a secured chat box with end-to-end digital encryption that allows you to chat securely with other students and users on Edcent without living your course dashboard. Your messages are secured with the best encryption keys that will make it impossible for anyone to read your message with anyone, and the best news is that your messages aren't stored anywhere.

To chat with other students, log into your Edcent account and check the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on new chat and choose who to chat with or create a group chat and add students.

2. Edcent Community

The Edcent Community is designed to bring together students to interact with each other, ask questions, start discussions and share ideas on courses they are taking or want to take.

The community empowers students to seek for help and course tips from other students who are always eager to share their knowledge with other students on the community.

Go to to join and start a conversation or ask questions.

How to Contact Edcent

To make it easier to contact us, we have created a dedicated page to help you reach out to us for quick support and enquiries.

Log on to to find your preferred ways of contacting us.

More features to make your study experience on Edcent spectacular are being roled out, and we are working hard to give you the best than you can get anywhere else and will let you know as soon as these features are available.

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1 Comment

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