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5 in-demand skills in business, project, tech, and design

The world we are living in is totally different from the world we see 10 years ago. Technology has played a significant role in shaping the future of human beings. Yes, it’s true and the fact is no technology is stable. One needs to accept the change if one wants to keep up the pace in the future. However, there are few trends that stay forever, and considering them for building a career definitely helps one to keep up the pace in the long run. If you want to transform your career to a great height of success, Here is the list of the top 5 hottest tech skills to master in 2021.

In the year ahead, attention will also turn to the post-pandemic future. “It seems that many companies will pivot from a focused COVID-19 response to their long-term product roadmaps, particularly with regard to apps and services,” says Art Zeile, CEO of DHI Group, the parent company of technology jobs website Dice. Thus, project management, software development and engineering, and data-related proficiencies will be paramount.

Product managers always in demand

Someone has to keep all these cloud and AI projects on track, which means that production management skills will be more important than ever.

Sade Olakunle, head of product at Edcent said these skills are a critical need for all great tech companies. To address that need, Edcent launched a Project Management Course this year to train and connect more people to a simple learning dashboard to study at their own pace and hone their skills in project management.

Graphics Design

If you are a creative person & want to start your career in Creative & Art Industry, then you should enter the world of Graphics Designing. Logo, Illustrations & Vector art are some of the examples of Graphics Design. In simple terms Graphics Design is the visual representation in the form words & images in a creative way. You can learn & become a Graphics Designer at home by learning designing software from Google & YouTube. The demand is already high in this industry & sky is the limit for you if you want to be a Successful Graphics Designer.

Social Media Marketing

Social media connects you with the world & gives you a lot of opportunities. Do you know, you can start & promote your business on Social media?

In simple words, Social Media Marketing is the use social media platforms to Promote Your Business. Social Media gives an opportunity to get connect with your potential customers, build your brand & a lot of exciting things.

No doubt it is the hottest emerging industry & if you love to spend time on Social Media, then you can be a Successful Social Media Marketer.

Mobile software development

We’re shifting further and further away from desktops. It’s all about mobile devices now. It’s predicted that in the next couple of years mobile devices will completely replace computers, and the majority of traffic will be generated from mobile. So, you need to hop on the trend now with a JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp

Data Science

As evident from ‘scientists’ they fetch data, construct and maintain databases, clean and segregate data for various needs and also work on data visualization and analysis.

At the top lies a data science job. These have a diverse set of profiles under them and require particular expertise. Data science certification is mandatory to get a job. The scope for data scientists is lower compared to big data due to the different (individual) profiles that lie under the umbrella of data science.



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