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Edcent Introduces 7 new courses from top universities, including Yale.

A new day means another opportunity to make positive moves toward your goals. As part of our commitment to the 7 SDG goals, Edcent values your development, and has updated our course list, adding new courses in Data Science, Web programming, design, leadership and more to explore. With the new working culture shift to virtual and top company and brands normalising remote working, these courses will help you upskill and be job ready.

Here's a list highlighting the benefits of the new courses Edcent offers:

Introduction to Cybersecurity by University of Maryland, College Park

Cybersecurity for everyone is a course designed to help people learn how to keep their social accounts safe as well as track people that might try to access these accounts.

People who take this course and are exceptional can expect to get a job with the technology team of organisations, big and small, and should make at least 6-figure monthly.

Diploma in Psychology by Yale University.

Learning how the mind works should be compulsory for every human as it is needed to survive with humans from every walks of life. Getting a diploma in Psychology at your convenience, as is being offered by Edcent in partnership with Yale University, makes you eligible to work as a counsellor in organisations, or as an I/O psychologist.

A job like this assures you of 6-figure monthly.

Spatial Data Science and Applications by Yonsei University

This course is specifically designed for people who want to venture into the tech industry, as it deals with the basics as well as intricacies of IT that would be useful in any sector of data science.

Spatial, which means map, deals with the mapping of data scattered around different places, and people who take this course and go on to develop themselves fully become highly sought after. As a data scientist, you can expect to earn up to 5,000 USD monthly.

Script Scripting Professional Certificate by Michigan State University.

For creatives who are enchanted by the art of producing mind-blowing movies and editing them, this is the perfect course for you.

While on this course, you'll do a lot of practical and be monitored to make sure you’re learning and improving. Your work will centre on visual art and its appeal, and since you're learning with MSU that's well known for their specialty in art, you'll be ready at the end to take on the world.

You should expect to make up to 6-figures monthly.

Emerging Guide to becoming a Successful YouTuber by Edcent Plus.

This course promises to teach you the basics of YouTube as well as guide you on your journey to being a successful YouTuber.

For YouTubers and teachers who want to reach a wider range of audience, this is a perfect guide. And once you've implemented this patiently, you can expect to make at least six-figure monthly.

Introduction to Forensic Psychology by Dr. Karen E. Wells

This course on Forensic Psychology offers an insight into the world of criminology and helps us understand how they operate. Asides helping you get better at identifying criminals, it makes you a better psychologist, as well as a conscious human.

You can expect to earn up to six-figure monthly working in a field where this skill is useful.

Business Plan Writing Professional Certificate by Melvin Wong

Business school is boring. Especially when all you want to do is learn the basics for operating your small-scale business until you've expanded enough to employ people.

Have you ever heard about writing a business plan? Or have you thought about tailoring your dreams and goals in such a way they align with the growth of your business? Worry no more, because this is the perfect course that touches everything about business planning.

After working on a business plan and kickstarting, you can expect to grow as a person and begin to earn as much as possible.

To check out more courses to explore and get started on being a better IT person, psychologist, scriptwriter, etc, visit



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