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New Edcent Updates: Live Sessions, Course Reviews & More

Following review of learners interactions with our platform and how they engage with each other, we are thrilled to announce a set of recent updates that will elevate your learning journey to new heights.

Some of the new features include:

  • Live sessions: Join interactive course sessions with instructors for real-time engagement.

  • Message request acceptance: Control who can message you, reducing spam and distractions.

  • Course reviews: Revisit and review completed courses to reinforce your understanding.

  • Increased file upload size: Share screenshots and files up to 10MB in the learners' community.

  • Improved privacy protection: Stay safe from spam, intrusion, and unsolicited messages.

While you are here...

We are excited to inform you that the second edition of our interactive session - Impact Stream will be returning Septmber. So much expectations and so much to benefit. Which of the previous speakers are you expecting to make a return to this year's edition?

Edcent's mission has always been to provide a seamless and enriching learning environment, and these new features are designed with your needs in mind. Let's dive into the details of what you can expect:

Live Course Sessions with Instructors

We understand the value of real-time interaction with instructors during your learning process. With our new live course sessions, you can now join interactive virtual classrooms led by your instructors.

This feature enables you to ask questions, seek clarifications, and engage in insightful discussions with both your course instructors and fellow learners. Embrace the opportunity to actively participate and make the most out of your learning experience.

Message Request Acceptance

Enhancing privacy and reducing distractions, the message request acceptance feature empowers learners to receive messages only from individuals they follow or have accepted.

Bid farewell to unsolicited messages and spam, and focus on meaningful interactions with peers and instructors within the Edcent community.

Revisiting and Reviewing Courses

Learning is an iterative process, and we encourage you to reinforce your understanding of course materials. Now, with the ability to revisit your completed courses, you can review past topics, rewatch videos, and refresh your knowledge on specific subjects. This revision feature allows you to solidify your grasp of concepts and consolidate your learning.

Uploading 10MB Files in the Learners' Community

We understand that sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. To facilitate efficient communication within the Edcent community, we have increased the file upload limit to 10MB.

This means you can now easily share screenshots or visual aids related to your learning journey, enabling your peers and instructors to provide targeted assistance.

Heightened Privacy Protection

We take your online safety seriously. With our improved privacy protection measures, we ensure that you can navigate the Edcent platform without concerns about spam, intrusion, or unsolicited messages. Feel secure and focus on your studies with confidence, knowing that we prioritize your privacy above all else.

Edcent is committed to continuous improvement and innovation, and these updates reflect our dedication to making your learning experience exceptional. As you explore and utilize these new features, we encourage you to provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas for further enhancements.

We believe that learning is a transformative journey, and we are delighted to accompany you every step of the way. Stay curious, stay dedicated, and embrace the opportunities for growth that Edcent brings to your fingertips.



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Cindy Dike
Cindy Dike
Jul 18, 2023



Kingsley  Alban
Kingsley Alban
Jul 18, 2023

So Impact stream is coming back, I am happy about this news.


I'm already enjoying the spam feature. No more random messages, and I can only control who engages me, awesome!

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