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Edcent Launches Google Digital Marketing Certificate

Learn The Best Marketing Strategies

Whether you're a seasoned marketing professional or just starting in the field, you need to be equipped with the best practices and strategies currently used in the marketing industry.

Edcent recently launched a certificate course on Google Digital Marketing to help learners meet the demands of the massive transformation marketing is undergoing due to the emergence of new technology and the hike in the use of the internet.

In addition to teaching the technical aspects of digital marketing, the Google Digital Marketing Course also guide learners in developing a strategic mindset that will enable them to identify opportunities and create innovative solutions as digital marketers. This approach is critical in an industry that's constantly evolving, as it allows learners to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing trends and technologies.

What Edcent Google Digital Marketing Certificate Offers

Today, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to reach their target audiences and be on top of the competition, making digital marketing a high-in-demand skill and an essential component of any successful business strategy.

The Google Digital Marketing course is designed to offer valuable insights and practical skills to help learners enhance their marketing operations and ultimately succeed in this dynamic industry.

Learners will understand the fundamentals of digital marketing, be able to create compelling digital marketing campaigns and know how to use popular tools, and platforms like Google ads, Constant Contacts, Hootsuite, Hubspot Mailchips, Shopify and Google Analytics which equips learners with best practices that are currently in use in the industry.

The course is structured in a way that is easy to follow and understand, even for those who are new to the world of marketing. It covers a wide range of topics that includes:

  • The elements of a digital marketing strategy

  • Finding your audience and understanding your customers

  • Customer Journey and the Marketing Funnel

  • Driving Sales and Loyalty

  • Digital Marketing and E-commerce Strategy

  • Understand Seo Optimization and how to understand how Google determine website ranking

The course is self-paced, which means that you can take as much time as you need to complete it. In addition to the course content, you’ll also have access to a range of tools and resources that will help you apply what you’ve learned. Throughout the course, you'll also have the opportunity to put your newfound knowledge into practice through hands-on projects and case studies. This practical experience will give you the confidence to apply your skills in the real world and make an immediate impact on your organization's marketing efforts.

Who Should Apply?

With its comprehensive content, this course is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to advance, upskill or start a career in digital marketing. Upon completion, you'll receive a globally recognized certification that will distinguish you as a qualified digital marketing professional.

This certification not only validates your knowledge and skills but also demonstrates your commitment to continued learning and professional development.

Submit your application using the button below to become a distinguished marketer.

Note: The application deadline for the certified digital marketing course is 17th June 2023.

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