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Edcent partners Yorochi to bring learning opportunities for thousands of youths affected by strike

Yorochi Community, one of the most active Nigerian Social Media communities has partnered with Edcent, Africa's largest Edtech company to bring learning without boundaries to hundreds of thousands of youths who have been greatly affected by the nationwide academic strike by Nigeria's Academic Staff Union of Universities.

The partnership will bring effectively affordable and relatively accessible education to not only the members of the community, but to everyone in the sphere who is both passionate about growth, personal development, and desire to continue their academic pursuit even in the face of the current Academic Stagnancy in Nigeria.

Reacting to the news, Mike Ikenwa, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Edcent said: "I'm excited about the partnership, as it will help thousands of youths continue their professional pursuit and continue to have access to the best of education. I'm glad that our offering of the best education in partnership with the global best universities and Instructors will help thousands of young people who would have been wasting at home due to the ASUU strike continue to learn while being prepared and equipped to compete on a global level."

With this, we're giving everyone the endless opportunity to compete in the fiercely competitive job market, skill-first evolution, and equip everyone with the necessary digital knowledge and skill to succeed on a global level by giving them access to learning on the go.

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