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Edcent unveils Nwabunike as new brand Ambassador

Building a platform that empowers education without limits is a project that we are so committed and passionate about, and we have continued to work to make that possible as we continue to grow.

As part of our plan for inclusive growth, we are excited to announce Chinedum Nwabunike as our first brand ambassador, bringing together art and literature in building an all inclusive brand.

Nwabunike has a diploma in Computer Engineering in 2018, and is presently taking History and International Studies in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Edcent unveils Nwabunike as new brand Ambassador
Edcent’s mission is to become the recognized regional leader in Education as a platform where people can learn a number of different disciplines to further their careers.

He is an African literature scholar with deep interest in culture and traditions as, according to him, defines who we are and how humans have come to the point where they are now.

Joining Edcent will bring more meaning into the brand's mission to reach as many young people who have interest in acquiring more education and skilling up in different fields as possible, and according to him, it’s a journey he feels so passionate about.

To work with Edcent is a scintillating opportunity as I have always been and still remain an advocate for accessible education and learning platforms which is what Edcent is making possible in a challenging time as this and in a period where the need for accessible and affordable education is greatly needed. This fulfils the need for the fourth point in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) which is “ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

Not only is a variety of courses available on the Edcent website, these courses are affordable, of which much more are free."

Edcent unveils Nwabunike as new brand Ambassador
Edcent students also have an opportunity to get internships or full time employment with the firms we are in partnership with.

Edcent’s mission is to create a dynamic learning platform for everyone to learn with a simple dashboard, while making quality education affordable and accessible to everyone.

We incorporate robust self-learning technology, powered by high quality video library, top-quality course materials, Quizzes, Assignments, tests & Simulations built by recognized industry experts. We give users instant access to this exclusive content through individual, corporate, academic and government subscriptions through programmes that are;

  1. Self-paced - Students can start and finish courses whenever they like, except for credit courses and university degree programmes which runs in sessions

  2. Programmed - It runs without interruption, all the instructor/University need to do is set up their programmes/courses, and students can buy them, learn, be part of course/programme projects, write texts and exams when they get to the stage.

  3. Incorporative - Universities and companies can set up their credit and non-credit courses, degree programmes and free projects and issue their certificates with their name at the end of the programme.

  4. Affordable - It's easier for schools to set up their courses on our platform and very cheap compared to the cost of bringing a lecturer to school every morning. What this offers you is the opportunity to increase your capacity and revenue without increasing your facilities or expenses.

“Representing Edcent is to represent a very important factor of our society which is education and this pushes through for an enhancement in skills and intellect.” Nwabunike said on becoming the new brand ambassador for Edcent.

Learn more about Edcent and read our story.

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