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Five Best Practices To Improve Your Memory While Studying

A Guide To Optimizing Your Studying

Have you ever felt unabashedly betrayed by your memory? that when you needed it the most, it taunted your mind with emptiness? Memory is a faculty of the mind which plays an integral role in everyday life. We depend on memory for everything. Whether it is for studying a course or recalling a work-related detail, everyone relies on their memories to aid them. It is the goal of every student to achieve certain learning objectives for which memory is essential.

If you have suffered from underachieving as a student, or struggle with registering, encoding and consolidating information in your memory and retrieving it, possibilities are you have a poor working memory. Working memory is the ability to hold information in your head, manipulate it mentally and retrieve it. If you struggle between these memory processes and application, you may be so dismal that you might think of yourself as unintelligent. As a result, you might be pining to know how you can make your memory more reliable.

Let’s get one thing straight though, you are not unintelligent! This is because intelligence is not only about your cognitive abilities. So if you have been struggling with understanding or even recollecting the information you have garnered from the online course you are on, here is the excellent news, you can facilitate the process against memory decline, and improve your retention while studying. If you simply want to make studying easier, this is also for you

Simple Practices To Aid Retention


This isn’t a brainer, the best way to nurture and improve your memory is by adopting healthy lifestyle choices like exercising and eating right. Certain brain foods enhance your ability to do specific mental tasks. Some foods contain specific nutrients that are linked to brain health and enhance memory and concentration. For example, a cup of Dark Chocolate should be your go-to drink as you take on your programming lessons. Science reveals that chocolate contains certain compounds that help to strengthen brain function as well as boost your mood.

Oranges contain vitamin c which is a key component in preventing mental decline. Eggs are also a good source of nutrients needed for brain health. Find out more brain health food using this link!

2. Teach what you have learnt to another person

One great strategy for improving your learning efficiency is to teach someone else. The process of verbally rehearsing this information further helps you to etch the knowledge in your mind. This is a tool used by teachers. Remember when you were given the task to teach before a class or make a presentation, this was for you to consolidate what you have learnt. What lesson are you on at the moment? Try sharing the information you have received to strengthen retention

3. Sleep well

Sleep aids in memory consolidation, a process in which short-term memories are accentuated into long-term memory. If you are sleep deprived, you could be negatively affecting your memory. It is proven that not getting enough sleep is associated with poor working memory. Disturbed and restless sleep or the lack of it is seen to weaken an individual's concentration. Study shows that studying shortly before going to bed or sleeping between studying aids in retaining information. So, take that nap while on that course!

4. Use relational learning

Learning becomes effective when you associate it with existing knowledge. Connect what you are learning with a piece of existing knowledge. Create a mental image of your lesson and connect with something you already know as this helps you encode memories. For example, if you are taking a course on social media marketing, and you are taught sponsored campaigns, connect it to every time you saw a post that popped up on your timeline with a caption on the top “sponsored”. Relating your new knowledge to an old one helps your retention.

5. Understand how you learn best

Recognize your learning style and habits. What time works for you? Where works for you? Do you like to study while listening to music? Try different styles and observe those that enhance your learning and amplify your retention.

Like every other skill, memory can be enhanced and these simple practices can help you make the most of your studies. Our goal at Edcent isn't just to provide you with quality education but to help you optimize your studies as you learn on the go. Ready to start learning?



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