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From Ad-hoc to Project Manager: How Edcent Helped Nwabunike Achieve Career Success

Ned Nwabunike's story is one of determination and success, and it all started with a decision to invest in his education. As an ad-hoc project manager, Nwabunike's quickly realized that he needed more knowledge and skills in the field to excel in his career. That's when he turned to Edcent.

As a recent graduate of Edcent, I am thrilled to share how I landed my dream job as a Project Manager at a growing tech firm in Awka. And I have Edcent to thank for my success.

When I first accepted an ad-hoc job as a Project Manager, I quickly realized that I needed more knowledge and skills in the field to excel. That's when I turned to Edcent, and it proved to be a life-changing decision.

Edcent provided me with the tools and confidence I needed to excel in my career. The program offered a comprehensive understanding of Project Management concepts and interactive study sessions and lessons. And I was able to receive guidance from professionals in the field, which helped to boost my confidence and set me on the path to success.

But my success doesn't stop there. In addition to my Project Management certification, I also earned an additional certificate in Cyber security from Edcent.

My journey is a testament to the power of education and determination. It serves as a reminder that with hard work and the right resources, anyone can achieve their career goals. And that's exactly what Edcent offers to its students - the resources and guidance they need to succeed in their chosen field.

If you're looking to take the next step in your career and land your dream job, I highly recommend investing in your education with Edcent. With a comprehensive program and guidance from professionals, you too can achieve your career goals and succeed in your chosen field.

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