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How Chioma Mastered The art of Communication with Edcent

Updated: May 20, 2023

What extra push do you need to commit to your personal and professional growth with Edcent?

An Edcentcian recounted her experience. And I hope this article helps you realize that being a part of our learning community means being involved with something that is quickly becoming an enormous force

“Hi! I'm Sunday Chioma Excel

I'm an interior consultant and also an interior material dealer who loves taking orders from clients. I am a serious businesswoman. I see myself in the future as one of the best interior consultants in Africa, living my best life, exploring my career and as well making an impact.

My experience with Edcent has been amazing all the way. I studied English for Communication and Academic Study and this helped me improve my written and spoken English and thoroughly reshaped my accent. Taking this course on Edcent enabled me to confidently communicate with more people, and more clients especially when dealing with them. It is a thing of joy for me that as a person in the business field, I’m able to speak and communicate eloquently. This helps me when it comes to marketing my brands and most importantly paving the way to more clients and referrals.

Firstly, I must say that Edcent is one of the best online schooling websites, learning with over 20k students around the world, having a community where you can interact and connect with your fellow students and get answers to questions you seem not to understand at some stages of the course.

I love the fact that Edcent offers standard courses that align with the world's advancement from standard universities in the world. Edcent customer service is top notch and I also like the learners who are reminded and advised via mail to finish their course. Edcent makes it more flexible for one to learn in his or her comfort zone and leisure time.

Juggling through my daily life learning on Edcent at first wasn't easy, I had to reschedule things to make out time to study my course every day for at least 1 hr 30 mins or 2 hrs because I was determined to optimize Edcent in improving myself.

Edcent courses cut across different fields that go beyond tech skills! It covers fields like Personal development, Design and development, Business Management, Language and Communication making you invaluable in your field and flourishing in your career. Helping you harness and maximize your potential is what Edcent is here for

90,000 Learners On Edcent and Counting

By the end of April 2023, we reached an exciting milestone! Our community grew to 90 thousand Learners! We have an incredible community of learners who have made this happen. As much as we want to positively transform the lives of individuals with education, some of our learners equally inspire us, not only do they make us certain that what we do at Edcent is revolutionary, their tenacity in taking steps to advance and standing out in their career is one worth etching on a marble. Want to learn on Edcent?

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