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How Itunu Transitioned from a Computer Operator to Communication Manager with Edcent

Meet Itunu, a rising star from Abuja, Nigeria. After working for many years as a mere computer operator in a local cafe in Abuja, her hunger for growth and passion for human development drove her into investing in herself by enrolling in the prestigious Diploma in Communication Science program on Edcent. Join her on her journey as she shares her inspiring story of how she upskilled and became a success in her field.

Hi, I'm Itunu! Despite working hard for some years as a computer operator, I've felt the disappointment of being overlooked and have always had this hunger to do more due to my love for engaging positively with people for growth, but my previous job could not afford me that opportunity. I made the decision to work on enhancing my engagement abilities rather than giving up in frustration. I registered for the Diploma in Communication Science by offered by University of Amsterdam on Edcent and I’d say the experience and the knowledge is worth the investment.

Before enrolling, I was concerned about my schedules and my current job, I was worried on how I will be able to manage the the two, but I decided to give it a try and accept whatever happens as a lesson, but I’ve been marveled by the mode of lectures and the learning experience was beyond my imagination. I've been really pleased with the skills I've learned.

I landed a highly competitive Assistant Communication Manager position in Asokoro

I completed the Communication Science course on Edcent, and it really changed my perspective. Not only did it increase my comprehension of the subject, but it also assisted me in finding employment in the area and raised my standard of living in general.

The course had a clear framework, was easy to follow, and had interesting information. I was able to stay focused and motivated during the classes since they were interactive and included a range of learning resources, including videos, texts, and quizzes. The focus on useful skills and practical applications was especially appreciated. The course gave me a firm foundation in the principles and theories of media literacy, interpersonal communication, and public speaking, among other areas.

In addition to the course content, I found the support and guidance from the Edcent team to be incredibly valuable. The support team and the course groups were always available to answer my questions and provide feedback on my progress. They also provided me with valuable resources and connections, which helped me to secure an internship and eventually a full-time job in the field. Most of the other students I met both on the course group and on the Edcent Connect community have been so valuable to me, some of them I met in person, others we’ve been in contact online.

Since completing the course, I have been able to apply my knowledge and skills in my new job as a communications specialist. I am now responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies for my organization, and I am constantly drawing on the knowledge and skills that I gained from the course. I am also able to use the practical experience that I gained from the group project and mock job interview to excel in my new role.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to take the Communication Science course on Edcent. It has truly been a life-changing experience for me and has helped me to achieve my career goals and improve my overall quality of life. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in communication or improving their communication skills

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