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How To Identify A Tech Bro Instantly

Tech bros are fast becoming the most fascinating individuals. Their peculiar ways hold a distinct place within the technology ecosystem. In fact, they have a world of theirs; a mystifying world to be precise.

A tech bro is a guy who has tech skills and works in the technological field. You must have made your observations but from mine, here are the unmistakable signs that characterize a tech bro. Don’t forget to leave yours in the comment if I miss out on any.

1. Fashion Dilemma

Tech bros maintain an intriguing relationship with fashion. I once attended an educational conference for young people that featured different speakers. All the speakers were formally dressed but of course except….. You guessed right! The tech bro. He was in khaki shorts, a branded polo and palm footwear. I was so bewildered that I couldn't help but ask why he was dressed differently and the answers I got were: That’s a tech bro for you.

This fashion dilemma is one of the most distinctive features of a typical tech bro. Tech bros don’t follow fashion rules, they are the rule. Their preferred attire typically consists of jeans, khaki shorts, t-shirts featuring nerdy references and hoodies adorned with the logos of tech startups. A tech bro in a suit is almost unreal. They prefer simple and minimalist fashion choices.

Now let’s talk about their shoes! Comfort is key for tech bros, so you'll often see them sporting comfortable shoes like sneakers, casual loafers and palm slippers. They ooze these relaxed and badass vibes.

2. The Accessory Extravaganza

The tech bro possesses an innate fondness for their technological possessions and revels in showcasing their latest gadgets.

What is a tech bro without a wireless earbud/piece or a big-sized headset? a cutting-edge wristwatch? The most important is a backpack filled with assorted charging cables and a laptop. A tech bro isn’t authentic without those

3. The Code Slogan and Snippet Show Off

A definite marker of a tech bro lies in the unwavering devotion to coding. They endow their t-shirts and social media bio with clever coding puns like “I’m fluent in three languages, English, Java and Python".

If they casually drop complex programming terms into everyday conversations or passionately debate the superiority of tabs vs spaces, chances are you’ve stumbled upon an authentic tech bro.

They love to flex their coding or technology prowess by sharing snippets of their latest projects and calling themselves names like digital magicians.

4. Twitter- Natural Habitat

Twitter is the stomping ground where tech bros gloat over their stuff. It is the tech bro's favourite app! They love to hop on the hashtag bandwagon, designing their tweets with trending terms. Using hashtags like #AI #Blockchain #Crypto instantly identifies them as members of the tech tribe.

Let's talk about the tech bros' use of emoji. They take it to the next level! Transforming their tweets into some sort of archive of codes. Examples: ✈️ to 🤓 to 💻. Every character carries a hidden tech meaning.

Tech bros are also meme masterminds. They have a knack for meme culture merging technology with humour. Whether it’s a GIF about software bugs or tweeting witty captions, their meme game is strong and yes! They have an opinion on every trending issue on Twitter. Oh well, they are smart like that.

Live-tweeting Techie Tales: When tech bros attend conferences, hackathons or industry events, Twitter becomes their live blogging canvas.

Armed with lightning-fast typing skills, they share real-time updates, exciting product launches and noteworthy keynotes.

They transform their timelines into virtual front-row seats allowing followers to experience these events indirectly through their witty commentary. They tweet the latest smartphones, wearables, VR headsets and other tech equipment.

5. Side Hustle

Tech bros are renowned for their entrepreneurial spirit, often balancing multiple side projects alongside their primary occupations. If you encounter someone casually mentioning their latest venture in app development for a tech company or someone coming up with a start-up endeavour promising to revolutionize something, look no further you’ve stumbled upon a true tech bro.

However, while identifying tech bros may be an entertaining endeavour, let’s not forget that they bring amazing contributions to the tech world, constantly coming up with mind-blowing innovations and exceptional works.

How To Become A Tech Bro

The sure best way to become a conc tech bro is to learn Web3 and Blockchain

or to learn Coding. In fact, this is the fastest way to identify as one

However, there are other tech skills you can learn to join the bandwagon of Techies and Edcent has a wide range of them you can pick from.

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