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How to Secure a Job With Online Certification

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Ways to Advance Your Career

One perk of online education is that it promises the advantage of readily earning a job after completion. It is an effective tool for career growth and advancement as it places you on a competitive edge in the job recruitment space. This is because online courses provide you with a deeper theoretical acuity of a topic, improve your cognitive development and critical thinking, and equip you with highly valued practical skills and knowledge which are contemporary workplace demands.

Adding online courses to your CV after traditional learning ascertains you as a person with fine qualities to potential employers. It indicates your competence, commitment to learning, and enthusiasm toward your profession.

However, online learning is an activity that has gone like a shot, its increasing popularity implies that there is a lot of competition in the job search expanse. And now that you are on an online course or have completed it and are career ready, your excitement is momentarily met with the concerns of securing a job with your new skills or knowledge. Here is how to facilitate the process of earning a job position.

1. Be intentional about what you want

“What do you want?” What are your career aspirations and plans? Reflection is the first step you ought to take in navigating your job search journey. Doing this doesn't help you find just about any job but the right one. Knowing what you want, and what you are good at helps you to pinpoint jobs in line with your career trajectory and streamline your search. Else, you would be overwhelmed by the myriad of job opportunities out there.

Take note of your skills and talents. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, however, your weaknesses aren’t something you can't do, but rather they are something you can't do “yet” Weaknesses shouldn't be a deterrent to reaching the fullest potential of your career because they can be worked on.

2. Create a buzz about what you have learned

If you are on a content marketing course for instance, excitedly share your experience and newfound knowledge on your social media platforms and speak about what you are on-to with people; this alerts those within your cycle and onlookers to learn about your new skills and connect you to opportunities. So, Nah, don’t keep quiet.

3. Offer help

Offering your services for free can be a remarkable way to accumulate hands-on and valuable experience in your field. This allows you to also boost your portfolio and possibly get hired by the employers you have offered free services.

4. Network

To strategically network,

1# Search for companies related to your career field and apply. At the get-go and especially at entry level, you might not get a job instantly and that's okay. Don’t be dissuaded by the number of interviews you might have to grant. These interviews are effective ways to practice what is required of you to say and how to best communicate your skills.

2# Ask for advice, insights, and information from those excelling in your dream field

3# Use a Job search website: Numerous job search websites can help you find job opportunities in your specialization. Some popular ones are freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork which are an alternative to full-time employment that helps you gain some work experience and build your portfolio.

Most organizations and firms maximize online sites such as;,,,, and to recruit workers. A very important recruiting platform is;

Linkedin: Linkedin is a platform where you can connect with potential recruiters, employers, and people who have successful careers in your field of choice, reading their content and reaching out to them can offer you insights into securing a job.

Secondly, optimizing LinkedIn is an efficient way to get employed. Make sure your LinkedIn profile highlights your experience, online course projects, your work, and your skills.

5. Invest in yourself

Constantly assess your skills gaps and improve on them. Read, and attend seminars and workshops to stay current in your field. Investing in yourself makes you a valuable candidate for potential employers as it provides convincing weight to your resume.

Think professionally! and assure yourself that you have all it takes to earn a job. Conclusively, getting an education at Edcent puts you on a pedestal for securing one. Edcent partners with renowned universities and global experts to bring you job-relevant lessons to enhance your chances of securing a job.

Are you looking forward to advancing your career and reaching your professional objectives?

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