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Inter House Sports ThrowBack; Which House Did You Belong To?

I’m not going to start on the note of peace. Green houses typically arrive last and yellow houses first. You can concur or disagree

Let’s go back in time to my secondary school and I assume you had a similar experience. My high school had sports houses each representing a different colour, symbol or name. These houses competed against each other in a range of sporting disciplines, including track and field events, team sports and various traditional games.

These inter-house sports events were held several days and culminated into a grand sports day where students, teachers, and parents come together to cheer on their respective houses.

Usually, the preparation for inter-house sports begins well in advance with students engaging in vigorous training sessions and practices. Each house appoints house masters or house mistresses who oversee the training and selection of athletes.

On the event day, houses do marching parades amidst drum beats, music and cheers. However, the track and field events form the core of the house sports competitions. Students compete in sprints, relays, long jump, high jump, shot put etc.

Now, this is the fun part! There are different kinds of students/participants in inter-house sports. So spot which you were

1. The Princesses

These exceptionally fine girls are selected to grace the marching parade as princesses, adding an extra dose of glamour and elegance. In fact, amongst the members of a house, you can spot them. They are beautiful, aware of it and don’t fail to flaunt. You often see girls gunning for this role so they can be among the fortunate few who will don the crown and sash; becoming the embodiment of grace and beauty.

2. The uninterested folks

These students are less enthusiastic about participating in the inter-house sports events. They care less. They are the students you find in class during training sessions oblivious of whatever is going on. They aren’t bothered about the shout of excitement and cheers in the air. None of it seems to be their business.

They are also usually forced to go downstairs by patrolling teachers or seniors who call out with a loud voice

“Everybody go downstairs”

They hide by locking themselves in the convenience when they are forced to join the activities.

3. The star boys

These are the exceptional athletes who dominate the sporting arena. They come first in races and more than usual possess an undeniable charm and good looks that get girls in school swooning.

With their athletic prowess and dashing appearances, they command attention. They are the male students who effortlessly glide across the track, leaving their competitors in the dust. The house with the star boys considers themselves lucky because the star boys most likely bring the win. The star girls also fall in this category. They are the best athletes dominating the female track competition

4. The drummers

These are the participants that bring rhythm and energy to the marching parade. They usually take their positions with pride. Their drums stand tall and ready and become one of the focal points of attention.

With every beat of the drum, they announce the arrival of the parade and ignite excitement among participants and spectators. They usually demonstrate a good sense of coordination and teamwork. Usually, they feel like they are the next best thing after pizza since not everyone is gifted to use the sticks.

5. The cheerleaders association

These participants can’t run to save their lives but they are spirited individuals who have an unwavering passion for supporting and cheering their sports teams. They exude every other voice resonating through the air and they chant catchy cheers, urging the athletes to push harder, run faster and strive for victory

If they themselves did run, they might be out of breath and in need of a bowl of glucose. They accept their poor athletic abilities and give themselves to cheering those participating in activities.

6. March past guru’s

These students are selected after a Marching test. They don’t play. The dedication, the natural flair for marching, the spirit, the keen sense of rhythm and a disciplined approach. They dedicate countless hours to perfecting hoping they gain the highest mark for the march parade on the event day.

Banner bearers: They are the participants that carry and showcase the banners that represent their respective houses. They take the forefront and set the tone for the entertaining procession

7. The house hoppers

These students align themselves with other houses due to their disappointments in their house performance. They distance themselves from their assigned allegiance. They solely join the ranks of the house that secures the top positions.

Housemasters of the house they belong to are always on the lookout for them to send them back to their respective houses.

What Was Your House? And What Kind Of Participant Are you?

From all the types of participants described, which were you?

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