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The More Playful You Are, The Creative You Become and Excel at Work; Here's Why

Do you remember the incredible marketing stunt Coca-cola pulled with the world?

“Share a Coke with…….”?

You must have had a childlike reaction when you saw names on Coca-Cola bottles and went on to search for a bottle with yours. The Share a Coke marketing campaign was such a disruptive idea that gained monumental ground worldwide and made Coke an object of desire at the time. I heard a story of how a girl went to a large shopping mall and bought over 100 bottles of Coke branded with her name for her birthday celebration.

This massive marketing idea started when the director of Marketing for Coke, Lucies asked her team;

“What’s the Idea you’ve got tucked away that you’ve always wanted to do for coke? Now’s the time for that Idea” Viola that was it! and some creative and brilliant minds came up with it.

I know you want to be that person who comes up with marveling ideas that make you stand out at your workplace or area of expertise. Sighs. Same here! There were days I didn’t feel like I had a single creative bone, days I feared stepping outside of the box, and days I feared that my Ideas will yield little or no result, days I sat hours at my desks desperately seeking new ideas and solutions and felt stuck in a rut.

I slowly came out of those limiting situations and got a better understanding of what creativity is even about. If you’ve been in my shoes or want to enhance your creativity, you’ve come to the right article as creativity is an essential skill needed for success regardless of profession or aspirations.

Let’s begin with a definition from one of the most creative beings ever, Albert Einstein, He quoted

“Creativity is simply intelligence having fun”.

You might have thought that solving hard quizzes and playing difficult games would be the way to enhance your creativity. Nah, haven’t you noticed that some of the most creative things you liked appeared witty, authentic, and had an emotional appeal?

This means one thing, Creativity is not for a lucky few who are blessed with its prowess. It is a skill that can be developed and most importantly with ease. You just have to be fascinated with the world, your profession, and business, then play with your imagination and bemuse yourself into a creative space.

Simple But Sure Ways To Enhance Your Creativity

1. Listen To Music:

Studies show listening to music strengthens cognitive functions. Studies further show that listening to happy music enhances creativity by stimulating a way of thinking that generate ideas.

2. Play Often and be Easy on Yourself:

Being playful means you aren’t afraid to have fun and be silly. I know playful colleagues who are super creative. They are adventurous explorers who love to take risks and try out new things. They’re not scared of making mistakes because they know that’s how amazing ideas are born. This is to say that sometimes your most creative ideas could even be dead on arrival but that’s okay. Some Ideas will fly, some won’t.

Playful people know the merrier they are, the more creative they get. If you want to find and use your creative superpowers, don’t forget to embrace your inner playfulness. Let your imagination run wild, be daring, and have a blast exploring new possibilities. Ease yourself to creative greatness

3. Get New Experiences:

Imagine your mind as a treasure chest; waiting to be filled with sparkling gems of inspiration. When you indulge in or try new experiences, you get exposed to new perspectives, ways of thinking, and solving problems.

Meeting new people, places and activities makes you see the world through a kaleidoscope of colours, and gathering different perspectives can inspire new approaches, making you think in new ways and ultimately inspiring new Ideas.

4. Be Eager to Learn

Creative minds are always craving new knowledge and ways to improve their skills. Learning expands your perspectives, realize new things and entirely changes your outlook or enhances your thoughts. Be open to learning from people and receiving their ideas.

However, this is no cliche! the best way to challenge your perspectives is to take a course, upskill, etc you’ll see just about the knowledge gaps you’ll be filling with that single action. Your thought process will be refined as you consider different possibilities with what you learn. Never forget to have fun in the whole process of enhancing your creativity

And yes! Edcent is the best online education platform that combines fun with high-quality courses to unleash your creativity to the fullest.


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