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Mike Ikenwa

Founder and CEO of Edcent

Mike Ikenwa is the founder and CEO of Edcent, a Nigeria base Education technology company with the mission of making education affordable, accessible and limitless to everyone, everywhere. Mike founded Edcent in 2020.

Mike Ikenwa is a visionary entrepreneur and education enthusiast, who is committed to improving access to quality education across Nigeria and the world. With a passion for education and innovation, Mike Ikenwa founded Edcent in 2020 to address the challenges faced by millions of students who struggle to access affordable and quality education around the world due to the cost of education. Through his leadership, Edcent has become a leading provider of education technology solutions, offering cutting-edge tools and resources that are transforming the learning experience for students and educators alike.

Under Mike's leadership, Edcent has become a trailblazer in the education technology sector, leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data to create innovative products that are reshaping the way people learn. Edcent's courses and certificate programmes are designed to be accessible, affordable, and scalable, making them ideal for students and educators in Nigeria and beyond.

With his extensive experience in the education and technology sectors, Mike Ikenwa is uniquely positioned to lead Edcent to even greater heights, driving innovation, growth, and impact in the years to come. His vision for the future of education is bold and ambitious, and he is committed to working with investors and government stakeholders to create a world where education is truly limitless, accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Mike Ikenwa
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