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ECA Programme Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is made between Edcent Inc of Edcent HQs, 3 Gbadamosi street, Ikotun, Lagos (hereinafter referred to as “Edcent”, which expression shall where the context so admits include its successors in title and assigns) of the one part AND the individual of the tertiary institution as stated (hereinafter referred to as “the Ambassador”) of the other part;



1. Edcent has indicated that it intends to appoint students of tertiary institutions who are dynamic, forward-thinking, and youthful, as ECA Campus Ambassadors to continuously identify new and innovative ways to increase Edcent’s reach to undergraduates.


2. To enable Edcent to identify students suitable for this, Edcent has set up a link on its website where interested students would fill forms, upload videos, and take other steps set out therein to indicate interest.


3. The Ambassador applied to be chosen as one of Edcent ECA Campus Ambassadors.


4. After reviewing the forms and other documentation/records provided by the Ambassador, Edcent has determined that the Ambassador appears to reasonably meet Edcent’s criteria for its Campus Ambassadors.


5. Edcent has decided to appoint the Ambassador and the Ambassador has agreed to act as Edcent’s Campus Ambassador on the terms and conditions set out herein.


6. Edcent would be providing the below to the Ambassadors upon satisfaction based on the terms and condition set out:


  •       6.1 Every Ambassador would obtain a monthly incentive of mobile data and transportation expenses with effect from 30 days after the agreement is signed. Ambassadors would equally earn a referral bonus of 10% for each successful referral by respective Ambassadors.

  •       6.2 Edcent would be rewarding Ambassadors with a one-off average balance-based commission payment (capped at N30,000) for referring a minimum of 100 successful Edcent Students over the one year period.

  •       6.3 Edcent would be holding ECA pocket money draw for qualified Ambassadors monthly to select a winner.

  •       6.4 Edcent would host skills workshops for Ambassadors


NOW it is hereby agreed as follows:


1. Edcent hereby appoints the Ambassador as the Edcent ECA Campus Ambassador for the Campus later stated for 12 months in 2021/2022 Academic Session. The Ambassador hereby agrees to act exclusively as Edcent’s ECA Campus Ambassador in line with the terms of his/her appointment.


2. The Ambassador hereby confirms that he/she is a full-time undergraduate student and he/she is not in his/her final year of study.


3. The Ambassador hereby agrees that he/she shall:

  •        3.1 Learn about the innovative products and programs of Edcent and assist to promote their awareness on the Campus and on social media

  •        3.2 Identify trends among students and how they can be leveraged to promote Edcent and its brand or/and improve the features of Edcent’s products/services

  •        3.3 Promote belief in Edcent product benefits thereby reinforcing students’ long term loyalty to Edcent and referring prospective customers to purchase courses from Edcent

  •        3.4 Not accept any other Ambassador position with any brand for the tenure of his/her ambassadorship with Edcent.

  •        3.5 Not to promote directly or indirectly another Online Education Platform (OEP) or other Learn Management System (LMS) ’s a product/service, events, and other activities sponsored by any other LMS using any offline and online medium for the duration of the role,

  •        3.6 Serve as a link between Edcent and student bodies within the institution

  •        3.7 Not have any offline and online affiliation with brands in direct competition with Edcent, including Schools and other educational brands.

  •        3.8 Plan and host fun events on the Campus at which Edcent and its product and services will be promoted

  •        3.9 Complete communication and reporting tasks associated with the role.

  •        3.10 Accept Edcent’s use of pictures, videos, written articles, and other Communication materials featuring the Ambassador.

4. The Ambassador confirms that he/she:

  •        4.1 has a Edcent ECA account

  •        4.2 maintains good academic records

  •        4.3 is not currently an ambassador to any other brand/organization

  •        4.4 affirms that role as Campus Ambassador will not adversely affect academics

  •        4.5 possesses effective time management, organizational, leadership, and problem-solving skills

  •        4.6 has and shall continue to maintain strong written and verbal communication skills

  •        4.7 is active in relevant student organizations and programs that promote the right values and will be able to publicize Edcent at such fora.

  •        4.8 is not involved in vices such as exam malpractices, cultism, prostitution, illegal drugs, or any such activities

  •        4.9 is not affiliated with any organization that promotes Ponzi schemes, prostitution, deal on unregulated unwholesome products, illegal drugs, firearms, and ammunition, or any similar activity.

  •        4.10 has a good reputation and is respected on the campus amongst students, lecturers, and other people in the campus community


5. The Ambassador shall uphold and abide by Edcent’s core values of Enterprise, Excellence, and execution and shall comport himself/ herself in such a manner as to project these values, 


6. In the event that the Ambassador contravenes articles 3, 4, and 5 of this Agreement, or behaves in such a manner, which in Edcent’s sole opinion does not reflect the image or values of Edcent, Edcent shall be entitled to immediately terminate the appointment of the Ambassador with immediate effect.


7. Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason or expiration of the term for which the Ambassador was appointed, the Ambassador shall cease to represent Edcent on the Campus except with the prior written authorization of Edcent.


8. Edcent shall provide the Ambassador with the required resources to effectively carry out assigned duties.

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